Monday, August 26, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 29 & 30.

well, i'm 31 weeks pregnant and i've got a little bit to talk about. so here we go..

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symptoms: tired. and big. and then the symptoms that come along with being big. light headedness, shortness of breath, heartburn. all that jazz. still feeling pretty good when it's all said and done.

weight gain: i don't know. 30 lbs. give or take a few.

food/cravings: still loving eggs. and dessert. 

movement: grant's movements are starting to get a tad uncomfortable. it's like he has no concern for anyone but himself..

ultrasound/doctor info: well, we had the 3rd trimester ultrasound last week. and i'm here to say my boys are the most handsome. while we were looking at grant in the 3D, i just kept saying, "that's isaac henry. he looks like isaac henry." and he really does. just cute as a stinkin' button. and how cool is technology?! sooo cool that they can just stick a wand on your belly and see your unborn kiddo! my amniotic fluid was on the high end of normal. nothing to be concerned about really, they just said that when my water breaks i'll be like "man, that's a lot of water." grant is 4 lbs. and measuring a week ahead. which pretty much means nothing. the doctor said to expect a 8.5-9 lb. baby. that doesn't surprise me. my boys are big'uns. he's head down and ready for take off! everything else looks a-okay!

story hour: so, i went to the hospital this weekend. the emergency room to be exact. and while it isn't necessarily pregnancy related, it kinda is. because i was sewing a carseat cover for ole grant. trying to knock some things off the to-do list. and then all of a sudden i sewed right through my dang finger. the needle went through my left pointer fingernail and my reaction was to yank back so it ripped out the end of my fingertip. so i had to go get glued back together and get a tetanus shot so i don't get the lock-jaw. really fun stuff. it's feeling alright now. just gross looking and pretty tender. i've hit it a few times today and it makes me wanna cuss. blast you carseat cover!

other stuff: i picked up grant's going home outfit from the embroidery shop this last week. it's real cute! also made a nursing cover. and started the carseat cover.. you know how well that went. also, i haven't mentioned that there are 5 pregnant ladies at church right now due between october and april. 3 of 'em are due the week of christmas. 5 might not be a lot to you but we only have about 100 folks at our church so it just feels like a lot of gestation going on over there. and i'm just excited about it. so far the count is 2 boys, 1 girl, and 2 mysteries. grant's little friends!

to-do: send bryant up to the attic to get down big baby stuff like the swing, bouncy vibrating seat thing, bathtub, etc. finish that cursed carseat cover. do a load of grant laundry. figure out if i actually need a few more diapers or just want a few more diapers. and that's about it for right now.

9 more weeks, folks! that's like nothing!

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