Tuesday, August 13, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 28.

29 weeks pregnant.

that means just 11 more weeks or so! can you even believe it?!

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symptoms: same ole same ole.

weight gain: so i went to the doctor last week and i got in a little trouble and had to tell him everything i ate that day. which of course, of all days, i ate mcdonald's for lunch. and i've gained like 25 lbs. or something. but i'm eating a chocolate chip cookie right now so you can tell i'm really concerned.. it was just embarrassing because no one likes to have that talk about how you've gained 16 lbs. in two months. but whatev.

in other weight gain/body news, i really don't feel as big as i felt with IH. i think i carried IH really low and grant is higher. i feel him in my ribs all the time and i mostly felt isaac in my pubic area. so maybe that's why i don't feel so big? who knows?

movement: y'all. it's crazy. the other day my belly was shaking. bryant was all, "do you think he's having a seizure?!"

cravings: EGGS. 

doctor news: besides the convo about weight [boooooooo!!] everything else looks good. blood pressure, all that, looks normal. grant's heartbeat was in the 130s. doc says he's around 4 lbs. which is way more than what i'm reading online says.. but he's the doctor. we go next week for an ultrasound. i'm excited to see that little rascal.

other stuff: i started grant's quilt last week and i LOVE it. hopefully i'll finish it up this week. i have a few more little sewing projects i wanna complete, like a nursing cover that isn't janky and a light-weight carseat canopy (we have a heavier/fleece one). finished up baby buys last week too. the only thing i might need is a few more diapers, but i'm gonna hold off and see if we can get by with what we have. nesting is in FULL FORCE.

exciting stuff!  


  1. When I was pregnant last time my doctor had two little chats with me about weight gain...it was mortifying and I left in tears. In the end the weight came off no problem, so im trying hard not to care as much this time around, but I still dread every appointment for that reason. I know how you feel, but you look lovely!

  2. you look so beautiful! i love that belly! And he's four pounds! He's a real life baby in there! excited for this weekend!!


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