Friday, August 23, 2013


these weeks. they just fly on by. and sometimes the days are really long. but then it's friday all of a sudden, and i never can wrap my head around that.

so here's what we've been up to..

bryant brought home this toy. and isaac made this face.

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post nap snuggles. holding george. watching george. george is isaac's buddy. they hang out all day together.

i was manicuring our flower bed the other day. aka, pulling out the grass that is taking over. and isaac was getting antsy and wanting to run down the street or some other shenanigans, so i told him to go get his wagon and pick up the grass.

and then he actually did it. he was really working out there.

i knew this having kids thing was gonna come in handy. i just didn't know it would be this soon.

i made chicken spaghetti one night. and asked ole instagram what they were making for supper. because i'm curious. that's why my friends call me whiskers. and everything sounded good. it's really just a sneaky way to get some menu ideas. ha!

we bought isaac this junky lawn mower at a yard sale because he fell in love with it and was throwing a fit and we're suckers. he seriously followed bryant around the whole yard, pushing that lawn mower in his tracks. until he thought bryant was gonna run over him and freaked out and wanted to go inside. 

it didn't scar him though. he still plays with that mower at least 30 minutes a day.

happy zinnias from the garden..

because saturday isn't saturday until we go to lowe's. this time we bought grass killer, spary paint, and hooks. because who couldn't use a few more hooks?  we're always up to something over here.

isaac got a treat from the ice cream man. never mind that the ice cream truck was a big white van with a few pictures of popsicles smacked haphazardly to the side and had the distinct smell of cigarette smoke pouring from the window. let's just pretend we're making memories over here in mayberry.

in other news, isaac has decided shirts are no good. so you'll find him looking like a hillbilly most days.

isaac henry, is that you??

oh, nope. that's our little grant baby. just looking exactly like his bro. NBD. and while we're at it, can we talk about how cool technology is?! they can see my kid's face. and he's still in the womb, people. it's just nuts. i liked seeing that little guy this week. you can come on out and get some sugars in approximately two months granty poo!

and finally, yesterday we went shopping with ne, the grandma formerly known as nanny, and isaac pushed the buggy. 

i'm fairly certain everything in the store made it's way into that buggy at some point. as you can imagine, fun was had by all.

dishes and diaper laundry are calling my name. better hop to it! happy friday y'all!

life rearranged


  1. I love your writing style. Cuh-racks me up sometimes, really though....

  2. Grant really does look so much like his big brother!! It's really kinda crazy!


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