Friday, August 9, 2013

instafriday X 3000.

i have got to start doing these more often so i don't have 5,000 pictures in one post. but alas.. here are the instagrams from days gone by, paired with my witty narration.

isaac henry is 100 % boy. he loves all things vehicle. construction, trucks, cars, tractors. but he especially loves construction. so we stand and stare at these guys for 45 minutes at a time..

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it's super cute, except i feel creepy. especially when my end of the conversation with isaac is stuff like, "yeah, they're workin' hard, huh? they're doing good work!"

sorry if i creep you out construction guys, but seriously, good work.

we took isaac to the dentist. he's adorable. and didn't show his teeth. but he picked out a toothbrush and got a plastic gorilla in the treasure chest. success!

i was a cool mom and did the muffin tin lunch thing.

kid LOVES it. i'm pretty sure he'd eat a turd if it was in a muffin tin.

sometimes i'm amazed at just how blessed i am. especially when i'm getting just because snuggles from my first boy and feeling my second boy wiggle in my belly at the same time. i really like this being a momma business.

isaac henry, the funnest kid around..

prepare for cuteness..

i. just. can't.

isaac's sunday school teacher sent me that picture of him praying in sunday school a few weeks ago. don't you just die?! look at those little hands! and squished up eyes! i'm dying over here.

boys and dirt.. seriously, it takes approximately 15 seconds for isaac to find the dirt and look like he hasn't bathed in 6 weeks.

sweet time with norah girl..

someone took a bite of a tomato. i might have suggested it.. he looked curious..

back at it with the construction guys..

i'm not joking, he gets into it y'all. this is like his dream. he might die when they finish our community.

i started to work on a few projects for grant this week. boy fabric is kinda boring, but we'll make do.

we went with some friends to this huge indoor playground at a church in the area this morning. it kinda scares me to death. because parents can't go up with the kids. and it's HUGE. and isaac is fearless. but he had a blast and we left with no injuries.

we'll definitely be back, because did i mention it's free? and isaac really loved it. and cold days are a'comin' my friends. it'll be useful to get some energy out this fall/winter i'm sure.

and lastly, i've been watching this kitchen on amazon for isaac's christmas present this year. it's $130. which is high, but i'm sorta in love and it's not tacky looking and it's even kinda boy-ish. so.. my friend jennifer found it this morning at goodwill for $10!!! and gave it to me.

i wanna kiss her on the mouth. TEN DOLLARS PEOPLE! blessings all day long folks.

all. day. long.

alrighty now, thanks for reading this novel. consider it your summer reading. done and done.

life rearranged


  1. Such a sweet picture of your son praying!!! And that kitchen is awesome!

    Whitney @

  2. What fun pictures!!! And I LOVE your commentary :) that praying picture was too adorable!! And dirt, it's not just for two girls find it, dig in it, roll in it, bury their clothes in it. It's kind of crazy! ;) ~ Stopping by from Insta-Friday, have a great day!!


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