Tuesday, August 6, 2013

i solemnly swear i do more than be pregnant.

i know you wouldn't know that looking at the last few blogs over here.

and that's mostly because what i do consists of making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and changing diapers and spanking a naughty almost two year old and playing cars and reading stories.  just normal days keepin' on happening.

but there's a good sampling of hanging out with friends and sitting in the backyard and watching our garden grow. i've been meaning to post these pictures for like 5 weeks now. jut some pictures of summer..

pretending to be daddy..



best. picture. ever.

see.. 5 weeks!

i just want to eat him up, naughtiness and all..


growing stuff..

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zinnias are my favorite. they're just so stinking cheery.

checking on bryant's sunflowers..

we have these awful bushes in front of our house. i wanna chop 'em down and start from scratch. the only thing that they're good for is they are super attractive to butterflies.

that one's been living with us all summer. i like him.

isaac says cheese to the camera now. it sounds like "eeeeeeeeeeeeee" and it's cute.

i think he's saying it here too, just not as passionately..

i like our life. it's sweet.


  1. When did Isaac Henry turn into a real-life little kid?!?

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who posts things a little late. Ok a lot late. But who's tracking? No one. That's who.

    Love your pics.

    Your kid is mucho cuteso! Thanks for livin life like you do LJo. You're an inspiration. ;-)


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