Wednesday, August 14, 2013

grant's room.

it's finished. and i love it. it's fresh and light and just waiting on our boy.

i told bryant last night that i just like to go in there and think "this is grant's room." he has a room. he's a real little man. that's gonna live in his room. in our house. with us. and he'll be here in no time.

so without further ado..

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i don't do bedding sets. call me a scrooge, but they are sooooo unnecessary. my kids get a crib sheet.

the united states..


it's nice and simple. and i like it. it's what i wish isaac henry's room woulda been like. but you know me, always thinking i want color on the wall. and then i put color on the wall and i hate it.

grant's room is just tan. good move, lindsey jo!

with some white and green and a little blue. and that big ole map that i can't get enough of.

and did you notice.. 

the quilt?! consider this a sneak peek. there will be a whole post dedicated to this baby because it's the love of my life right now.

oh chevron. you and your trendiness, you get me every time.

also, if you've been around for a while, you know that all this furniture is from isaac's nursery. but do not fret. his room isn't completely empty. and it's actually cute too. but his mattress is still on the floor because i don't trust him. we're hoping to put it on a frame by christmas. and i'll show you his cutesy room then. which i also painted.. tan. because of the color mistake. always with the color mistake.

oh grant, momma loves you and wants you. and me and daddy can't wait for you to get here.


  1. i love the quilt and the whole room! your rocker/glider looks particularly comfy!

  2. LOVE the little pops of color & definitely love the map! What an awesome room your new boy will have!
    I seriously am in love with that quilt, I want it for my room! :)

  3. I love watching you be a wife and mom. You rock at it. I can't wait to have another little guy to spoil either!

  4. I lovvvvve that quilt. That color combo is so perfect!

  5. Love this room! Where o' Where did you find that fabulous map? IN LOVE!

  6. LOVE IT!

    So glad we get to bunk with IH this weekend!!! :)


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