Tuesday, August 20, 2013

a sweet weekend.

our weekend was busy but oh so sweet.

friday day we had eye doctor's appointments so aunt kay came over with ella to hang out with IH. and i'm happy to inform you that our eyes didn't change. hallelujah!

friday night we went to a "send her away!" party for our sweet friend becky. she's leaving soon to work with mercy ships in the congo. you can keep up with her adventures here. would you pray for her?

anna came in for the party so on saturday we got to have a little slumber party.

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it's always fun and refreshing to spend time with my besties and hear about what the Lord is doing in their lives.

and isaac henry loves the attention..

can't wait for eric to be home so i can smother him with love! will that be weird since he's a teenager?! too. bad.

i was just left feeling blessed this weekend. just blessed that God has brought so many sweet friends into my life. blessed to have help. blessed to walk this path together.

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