Monday, July 1, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: weeks 21 & 22.

i don't know about you, but i'm feeling 22.. weeks pregnant.

and then 23 weeks pregnant because i didn't blog last week. oops.

when the pregnancy email says "only 17 weeks to go!" i kinda wanna have a panic attack because that seems so soon. and then i remember that i'm gonna have a new squishy babe to smooch on so those 17 weeks can just fly on by. fine by me.   

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symptoms: tingly nose, it's weird. but pregnancy does weird things to ya, so there's that. been having leg cramps. i'm HOT. just doing normal things like grocery shopping makes me sweat. it's really glamorous. also, curly hair. another one of those weird things. my hair has a little wave to it naturally. and i mean LITTLE wave. but these hormones have curled my hair right up. see above picture (23 weeks) for evidence. 

sleeping: good. i'm actually sleeping a lot lately because isaac has been sleeping late since we moved him to a big bed. so momma has been sleeping late. keep up the good work son.

cravings/eating: peaches. sweets. overall, my hunger isn't as out of control as it was a few weeks ago.

weight gain: still holding strong around 15 lbs.

movement: grant is a wiggle worm! i feel him all the time. and bryant has felt him and we've even seen him move a few times. it's just the coolest thing.
other stuff: finally getting the move on getting a few things ready for grant's arrival. we painted his room. i've bought a few things that we needed for him [sound machine, a few outfits, matching 'brother' outfits for the boys]. i'm really gonna work on getting his room ready this week. i just want it done. i even found someone to do all of his baby pictures, like from newborn to 12 months. i'm super excited about that. the lists on my phone are crazy. so many things to keep up with. but it'll get done, i'm not too worried about it.

i'm really enjoying this pregnancy. everybody keeps telling me pregnancy suits me so i might just need to figure out a way to be pregnant forever. i'll let ya know how it goes. 

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  1. you found someone to do all of grant's baby pictures? elaborate on this for me!!


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