Tuesday, July 30, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 26.

moving right along..

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i don't feel like a ton has changed. this has got to be the most boring pregnancy ever, which as far as pregnancies go, is pretty awesome!

symptoms: lots of indigestion this week. starting to feel more uncomfortable. major back pain last night.

weight gain: 20-25 lbs. depending on when i weigh, etc. i don't feel like there's been major change in the belly the last few weeks. as far as grant goes, he's like 2 lbs. or so. that's adorable.

movement: movement has slowed down some but there are still definite movements. i don't feel like i'm carrying grant as low as i carried isaac henry, but every now and then i'll feel some movement way down there. it's weird.

that's about it. seriously, boring, right?! and so we wait.. 

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