Tuesday, July 23, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 25.

26 weeks pregnant!

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symptoms: still feeling mostly good. i'm starting to feel the tiniest bit uncomfortable, like my belly is really stretching out there. and i'm having a little more heartburn these days. plus all the regular stuff.

weight gain: 22 lbs. or so according to my doctor's appointment.

cravings/eating: my go to snack has been pretzels + dried cranberries + white chocolate chips and it's rocking my world. still ice cream. and breakfast.

other stuff: i had my diabetes test run this last week. and they didn't call me with results? so i'm taking that as a good sign. cause if i was in immediate danger you'd think they'd call. we also talked about important things like will i nurse or formula feed? i'll nurse again. and what birth control we wanna use after grant's arrival? probably none again. and now i go every other week! doesn't that make things seem so close?! did i tell you grant's room is done? i need to clean out his closet, but his actual room is done. it's cute. i'll try and show you soon.

i also failed to mention in blogs past that we've reached viability, which is always awesome. and there's only 85 days until grant's due date. that's fun!


  1. I thought viability was 12 weeks?! Oh lord ill be nuts Lol

    1. 12 weeks is the end of the first trimester. 24 weeks is when the babe has a good chance of survival if they were to be born. exciting!

  2. You are so hot :). Also my fave snack is almonds, craisins and chocolate chips!!!


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