Monday, July 15, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 24.

well, i'm 25 whole weeks pregnant. that's kinda crazy. this is just flying by to me.  i know i probably say that every week, but these are weekly updates, so you get what you get. and seriously, 15 weeks left?! doesn't that just seem like nothing?!

and here's a picture of me with my eyes half shut to celebrate!

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i feel like my belly doesn't look that big in that picture, but in real life it's kinda out of control.

symptoms: same ole stuff. some things that no one needs to know about, but if you'd asked me in person i'd probably tell you. i just can't bring myself to type it. because i'm a lady. except the other day i sneezed and peed a little. i really don't know why i'm telling you this. i also don't know if this is a "i'm growing a child" problem or an "i already grew a child once" problem. either way..

sleeping: alright. we really need to implement an earlier bed time cause i could use a little more sleep, but alas..

cravings/eating: nothing really stands out this week. except coffee blue bell ice cream. i seriously think i could just keep eating it. lindsey jo + blue bell coffee ice cream 4ever.

weight gain: definitely closer to 20 lbs. these days. don't hit 50, don't hit 50! is my mantra. but i'm still gonna eat some ice cream tonight..

movement: yes!! crazy movement. i LOVE it. within the same 2 seconds i'll feel grant kick my rib and my crotch. this kid is fast like lightning!! he's all over the place. 
other stuff: i go for the ole diuhbeetus test this week. and then i'm pretty sure i start going every two weeks after that. maybe? i don't really remember. let's all say a little prayer i'm in the clear, because without ice cream i will surely die. amen. also, grant's room is this close to being finished. it's so cute and exciting.

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  1. i like the new look! praying the diabetes test goes well. and can't wait to see grant's room!!


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