Tuesday, July 9, 2013

pregancy 2.0: week 23.

24 weeks pregnant y'all! i'm just over here growing this kiddo.

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symptoms: still with the tingly nose. breakouts. curly hair. starting to experience some heartburn. general achey-ness. just feeling more pregnant all the time.

sleeping: alright.

cravings/eating: just eating lots of everything. still loving breakfast food. and i go back and forth on whether or not i like hummus, but then i tried some again the other day and it's all i can think about.

weight gain: maybe closer to 20 lbs. these days.

movement: yes!! crazy movement. i sometimes think this kid must never sleep. i feel him constantly. and he prefers the right side of my bod.
other stuff: oh, nothing much really. this was a low key week. we got some stuff done in the nursery. i can't quit thinking about how little time 4 months is. and i'm wondering what this boy is gonna be like. it's so weird to know there is a little person in your family and have so much love for them, yet have no idea what kind of person they are. i'm just looking forward to getting to know grant.

one more thing: this week we asked isaac henry who is best friend is and he said "baby." i know that he had no idea what he said, but i'm gonna pretend he did. because it melts me. BBFF. best brother friends forever. 

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