Friday, July 12, 2013


oh friday, i'm glad you're here.

i'm not kidding when i say i get excited over every single veggie that pops up in our garden. it's like i don't expect it to grow and then when it does, i just feel so blessed. over a squash. that's kinda silly, but i like it.

we grew these!!

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someone broke glass in our community pool (so frustrating. there's rules for a reason people!) so it's been closed. we've been spending a lot of time in the backyard pool. and by we, i mean isaac henry. he's a fish.

my wake up call the other day was receiving this picture in a text from bry and hearing isaac henry bawling and yelling "daddy! home! play!" simultaneously.

apparently isaac henry had woken up just in time to look out the window and watch daddy leave for work. he was seriously heartbroken. i was too.

between our bounty of zucchini and some zucchini we inherited from some friends who were on vacation, we're kinda swimming in it. so i made some chocolate zucchini bread. it's chock full of veggies so practically it's like eating a salad..

a really really chocolatey salad.

my friend shannon finally had her baby girl, so i snuck down to the hospital to steal some sugar.

oh. my. word. she's just adorable. and i'm fairly convinced i could hold a newborn all day long. i offered to stay the night and just hold norah and let shan and her husband sleep, but they turned me down. apparently people prefer to hold and smooch their own newborn babies. whatever.

and then the next day i got to hang out with my ella girl. she's not so new anymore, but she's still just pure sugar. she's starting to smile and coo and just melting aunt jo's heart more every second. 

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all these pretty girls in our life, my boys aren't gonna know what to do! i told bryant last night that i just have some major baby fever right now. which is a good thing since i'm having one in 3 and a half months!! when did that happen?!

have a good weekend friends.

life rearranged

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  1. You should get so excited over growing your own veggies! I would love to start a garden, but I just can't seem to take the first step...
    laura @


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