Friday, July 5, 2013


today is one of those take off your bra and get back in your jammies at 2:15 kinda days. so that's what i'm doing. and just a few things before we get to the good stuff..

1. i accidentally deleted some navigational stuff off of my blog. that'll make ya wanna cuss. but that leaves no time but the present to change stuff around a little bit. so it may look crazy for a minute, but that's a good representation of my life. so, there.

2. i like my iphone. and i like instagram. i rarely pick up my big ole honkin' camera anymore and i'm still capturing sweet moments. the best moments if you ask me. and i don't even look like a paparazzi. here's a few from the last few days..

tara and kari stopped by. now how in the world did we end up with the cutest kids on the planet??

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the boys' first matching outfits.. LOVE.

also LOVE: when daddy gets home. i'm pretty sure we all do.

just papa and isaac in a box..

they have too much fun. and i suspect they always will. my boys have the best papa and nanny.

i like to pretend we're farmers.

except for the whole being surrounded by a million other people and not being farmers at all.. but i have a good imagination. and isn't it cool eating stuff from your yard?!

i feel like this is just a glimpse into the future. except the toes won't be so cute and they'll be a lot more stinky..

ps: we are probably way too lenient on tv watching. i'm aware and honestly i don't really care. is that bad? sometimes you just gotta veg and watch some tv. isaac henry is digging these CARStoons lately.

i'm addicted to taking pictures of my popsicle eating babe.

it's too cute.

we spent the fourth with some of our besties. we ate at meghan and andy's and then headed to town to watch the fireworks show.

i treasure these sweet friends.

isaac was amazed by the fireworks!

he seriously wouldn't look away. unless you were trying to take a picture of him, of course.

meghan, or as isaac henry has affectionately started calling her meme, got us some sparklers and snap'n'pops.

more amazement. also, isaac's preferred method to pop the snap'n'pops was the place them on the ground and stomp 'em. so funny.

i guess that's it for now. y'all have a good weekend!

life rearranged


  1. We are pretty lenient about tv too. I say anyone who thinks kids under two shouldn't watch any tv has never had to entertain a toddler all day long!

  2. i adore babies and Popsicles!

    visiting from Insta-friday! <3 Traci Michele


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