Monday, July 22, 2013

hooked on consignment sale.

i would consider myself pretty frugal. and one of my favorite ways to save is to shop consignment for isaac's clothes. there are VERY few pieces of clothing that isaac owns that were bought full price brand new. and you better believe that grant is gonna be rocking the hand me downs like a boss. i feel like kid's clothes are pretty much always on sale and then there are events like this..

hooked on consignment back to school sale.

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are you kidding me?! yes, please!

also, i'm showing you this because it further proves the awesomeness of this sale, but that red kitchen is mine, or isaac henry's if you wanna get technical. so nobody buy it. ok?!

if you aren't in my area, then i'm so sorry. i know you're stewing with jealousy. but if you are in my area (north of nashville) you have to check out this sale.

it's going on July 27 - August 3 (THAT'S THIS WEEKEND, Y'ALL!) in the bed, bath, and beyond shopping center in rivergate beside ashley furniture. and here's some cool news, if you're a new mom you can shop early on saturday if you register. i'm kind of jealous of you. 

you can visit the website or facebook for more info. that's also where you register for the new mom presale. and you should definitely check out the facebook because there are giveaways going on and lots of sneak peeks! 

so there's your heads up. get ready to shop! but seriously, that kitchen is mine. i'm not kidding.  

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