Wednesday, July 10, 2013

garden watch 2013.

first and foremost, i saw the cat. for those of you who know me, you know this cat has been the thorn in my side. so the other day i was in the kitchen, in my pajamas, which includes no bra. and bryant was in the living room and he just pointed out the window and said "cat! cat!" sure enough, there it was taking a crap in my garden. so i ran out of the backdoor, in my bra-less state, and threw a tennis ball as hard as i could at it. i then made bryant go over to the neighbor's house (where the cat had sought refuge) and attempt to spray it with a hose. i say attempt because our hose didn't reach. but i don't think the cat has been back. maybe we scared it. i sure hope so. this whole event was followed by an hour of me being madder than a wet hen and a drawn out text conversation with my dad about bb guns and live traps.

all that being said, the garden isn't what i had hoped it would be like this year. but it's doing ok, i guess. so far we've picked a few squash and zucchini. we have a few baby peppers and tomatoes on the plant. and i'm convinced there's nothing cuter than a little baby jalapeno. and one pumpkin? at least i think it's a pumpkin. and our sunflowers are fixing to bloom.

our strawberries are done. they did alright too once we put the bird netting up.

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my greatest surprise has been a few zinnias that popped up in the most random places. i guess they happened from the zinnias last year that went to seed.

they just make me happy.

i was inspired to plant a few more zinnia seeds and i jimmy-rigged some chicken wire over top of them to keep that darn cat from ruining my happiness. they're starting to pop up and i'm just thrilled over it.

i just can't get over growing things in our yard and then eating them. it's so cool to me.

one more garden related story and then i'll quit. so i'm having an intense squash bug problem. so i was out there spraying them and isaac henry must have heard me mumbling something to the effect of "die, bug, die" so now when we're out there and he sees a bug, he'll put his face about an inch away from them and scream at the top of his lungs, "DDDDDIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!" forget video games and other media infiltrating his mind, this garden is bringing out his violent side. our kid says a handful of words and DIE is one of them.

parents. of. the. year.

also important to note, i mighta killed two of our tomato plants. apparently i'm violent too..

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