Wednesday, July 24, 2013

a few things.


one of our sunflowers bloomed! it's kind of like anticipating a birth waiting on these babies to bloom. so exciting when it finally happens! bryant is more into it than i am, and i think that's really cute.

i just finished reading the midwife's confession. it was really good. full of secrets. midwife's are really hip right now, but this isn't really about midwifery if that makes sense. not like my love, call the midwife, which i'm missing so much. i also read the kitchen house a while back. i liked it more. a lot more. but both are good, so go on and read them both.

so far today i've managed to eat some oatmeal while isaac henry watched an episode of george. and paint my toenails red while isaac henry played with an empty contact case..

my other plans for today include going to the library for story time, cleaning the bathrooms, and making a lasagna. i might need to cut one of those things. guess which it will be.. dirty bathrooms aren't so bad..   

i read these things too and liked them:

first she wrote this. and then she wrote this. she makes me think. and i don't like it. in a good way. just know that it's easy to get lost in her blog, so just have a few minutes before you head over there.

this article on organic food. i don't buy organic because i'm a cheapo. but this article was interesting, very interesting. it appealed to my interest in agriculture. did you know i used to be in FFA in high school? i mostly did it for the boys, but i ended up liking it for more than the boys. and then i quit because i liked having a life outside of chicken evaluation and greenhouse duty. 

this blog about my bestie spending the night with a stranger. it's not what it sounds like, but only anna. the whole situation made me think about my own generosity. way to inspire me, car repair man.

 alright wednesday, let's do this.


  1. that sounds a lot like my day! except we only have one bathroom to clean, ha.

    i focus more on buying organic/local meat and dairy products. i think we have a responsibility to treat God's creatures nicely and factory farming doesn't seem to do that very well!

    1. good point! that makes much more sense than buying organic veggies/fruit to me.. i know there are some benefits but mostly i just feel like you're paying for hype.

  2. I love Call the Midwife! No one else I know has heard of it, solidarity sister!


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