Monday, June 17, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 20.

21 weeks pregnant. whoo! the email told me that baby was as long as a carrot! how about that?! 

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symptoms: still feeling really good. i had a bad charlie horse last night. probably because i'm not drinking enough water..

sleeping: good.

cravings/eating: still pretty hungry. i feel like i'm eating like a man, maybe because there is a future man in my uterus. no cravings stand out.

weight gain: probably around 15 lbs. i go to the doctor wednesday, so we'll see if i get in trouble.

movement: lots of movement. all the time! but especially when i lay down. and i can so feel him moving from the outside, but bryant still hasn't really felt him. grant will be kicking so i'll have bryant try to feel and he'll say "was that him?" but i'm not so sure it was. soon enough.

emotionally: i'm kinda nervous. i didn't think i'd be nervous this time around, but i am a little bit. i'm nervous about the transition to two kids. TWO kids. alone with me. all. day. it's a little overwhelming. and i'm a little nervous about labor and delivery. i guess i'll be nervous every time i have a baby, because you just don't know how it's gonna go. you have no control. it's just so weird. and awesome, but still weird. 

other stuff: baby furniture is officially moved into grant's room, meaning isaac henry is out of the crib and living the high life! i ordered a new rocker for grant's room and i've started organizing clothes. there's still a ton to do in the organization/decoration department, but we have 4 entire months left. it'll get done. or at least that's what i'm telling myself.

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  1. I am nervous too! I've always heard the transition to two kids is the hardest. But, I guess it has to happen at some point, right? I'm really excited for them to be old enough to play together!


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