Wednesday, June 12, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 18 & 19.

whoa oh! we're half way there..

and yes. i'm late posting these. it happens. fo-give me [coughemilyjoycough].

here's 19 weeks..

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does it look like it's four a clock in the morning and i'm fixing to head to the beach? good, cause that's all true.

and here's 20 weeks..

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does it look like i gained 5 lbs. on vacation? good, that's also true. and look, there's my lazy eye sneaking in to ruin the day.

symptoms: i feel great. sleepy. hungry. but great! also, i applied sunscreen like a mad woman all week long. do not forget! your skin is so much more sensitive when you are with child!! do not make the same mistake i did (with isaac). pass the SPF 50! and still with the pimples. btw, pimples is such a gross word. grant's just stealing his momma's beauty.

sleeping: just alright.

cravings/eating: y'all, i'm hungry. like a turkey sandwich, barbeque chips, 2 bowls of froot loops and a bag of popcorn hungry. not that i ate all of that, but i did. honesty is the best policy. g-babe must be hitting a growth spurt or something. other than being hungry, no cravings really stick out.

here's a video to show you how i feel..


weight gain: probably 15 lbs. vacation, it'll get ya every time.

gender: BOY!!!  i won't say it again. but just to be clear.. it's a boy!!

movement: lots of movement. i'm pretty sure i felt hiccups for the first time in the last few weeks. you still can't really feel him from the outside much. it won't be long. 

other stuff: i got my 'grant' charm for my momma necklace this last week. lisa leonard was having a great memorial day sale, so i went ahead and ordered it. and i'm not waiting to wear it either. i love having TWO charms! we also painted isaac henry's room yesterday and plan to move him to a big bed this weekend. so that means grant's nursery will be underway here soon. right now it's mass chaos up there. and i think isaac's starting to understand that there's a baby brother. if you ask him where baby grant or baby brother is, he'll point to my belly and say 'momma' or if you ask him if he'll give baby grant sugars, he'll kiss my belly. i know he probably won't fully understand until grant is here, and even then it might take a while, but i think he's starting to get it a little bit, which is super cool.

is that it? did i miss anything? probably.

eh, second child..

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  1. Oh, that is so cute about Isaac Henry catching on! Good luck with the big boy bed transition!


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