Thursday, June 13, 2013

gulf shores vacation.

so you know we were on vacation to gulf shores last week. we went with our sweet friends jared and beth-ann. and seriously, they're the best couple to go on vacation with. they are childless [for the time being] and they were totally down with working around a toddler, further proving that they need to procreate ASAP, winkwinknudgenudge. i love them.

we had such a great time. isaac loved the water and the sand. at first he was a little iffy about it, but i was like, "get used to it kid. you're gonna be out here all day." and it worked. he loved playing with his sand toys and throwing shells into the ocean. bryant would take him out and let him splash around a little bit. the red flag was up pretty much all week, but we were able to get in and let isaac get in a little bit. and he LOVES the pool. i'm pretty sure he tries to swim away from us every time we're in there. and i'm all like, "you can't do that. you can't swim!" and he's all, "i don't care! i'm swimming away now!"

we went out to eat or cooked at home for dinner and then we'd play games every night. we're a fun group.

here's a bunch of pictures so we can relive the experience together..

checking out the ocean after our loooonggggg drive..

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i am so thankful for my bryant. he's the sweetest daddy..

isaac henry going for a dip..

one night we met our friend justin for dinner. he lives about an hour away from gulf shores. i thought this was a funny picture of the guys.. even isaac has a little grimace. and the balloon really makes him look tough. haha!

my sweet fam..

howdy m'am..

and this just in, isaac is obsessed with girls. he was pursuing every girl around his age on our vacation. it was hilarious.

back to the beach!

on our last day at the beach, this little sandbar formed and made this perfect wading pool. isaac was able to get in and swim by himself because there was no waves. it was awesome!! he found this huge piece of coral and just kept throwing it in the water, picking it up, repeat. for like an hour! so fun!

a bunch of shells had washed up, hence the huge coral isaac latched onto, and we were finding whole conch shells! i've never in my life. it was really neat. 

ok, i die at this picture..

the toes. the fat. the combed hair. everything. i just wanna smooch him.

he was just being super cute that specific night. see.. 

that is until he decided to not eat his food and scream bloody murder in the restaurant. and the guy at the table next to us was trying to help. and that just gets under my skin. because i know he's trying to be nice, but i'm trying to discipline my kid and let him know that it's not appropriate to act like that and here's a stranger saying, "is momma being mean to you??" "HUSH and eat your shrimp, man." is what i want to say to both my son and my table neighbor. 

but then isaac's all cute again and all is well..

that hat was his golden ticket. first of all, he loves it. second of all, everyone and their momma loves it. isaac's a cute outgoing kid, so i'm no stranger to people talking to/complementing him, but he was the star of gulf shores in that hat!

and here's a picture of our group..

we had the best time! i am happy to be home and out of the sand. that stuff is everywhere.

and now for a few helpful tips for beach trips with toddlers:

1. if they sleep in a crib at home, rent a crib. it cost $70 for the whole week and was the best decision. isaac took GOOD naps and slept through the night every night and we didn't have to share our bed with him. can't recommend it enough.

2. for the drive: portable DVD player and fruit snacks. keep the fruit snacks coming and nobody will get hurt. you can detox later, but for now restart the DVD and hand over the fruit snacks.

3. those rash guard tshirts. LIFESAVER. isaac's was looking pretty gross by the end of the week. but i love that thing. you only have to sunscreen their face and appendages (and head, if you have a baldy like me.) AWESOME! 

ok, sorry about that longest post ever..

you know you liked it.


  1. Loving all these pics. And Issac chasing girls doesn't surprise me. I've been liking them ever since I found out I wasn't one.

  2. Loved every bit! And I am right here with you about people crashing your discipline party in public! Drives me crazy!


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