Thursday, May 23, 2013

shanny's baby shower.

so many babies!!

my bestie shannon's baby shower was this last weekend. whoo hoo for more babes! and another birth i get to watch!!! i told you, i'm sneaking into every birth i can from here on out. [don't be alarmed. i'm not actually sneaking. i'm invited.] 


shannon is having a baby girl in july. norah faye! isn't that name sweet?!

i'm so excited that our babes get to be friends. look how cute..


see? they already like each other.

so this is what i brought for norah girl..

the Jesus storybook bible: BEST bible ever. it's beautiful and makes me cry.
a plethora of hair bows: the bigger the bow, the better the momma.
and a quilt: what else? it's my go-to.


it's pretty much my favorite baby quilt i've ever made. i'm thinking about changing my name to norah and stealing it back.


here's a little pep talk for norah..


gotta let her know who her favorite aunt is early on.

and yes, i'm totally that annoying person that won't let go of pregnant bellies. it might be rude, but i just can't help it. consider this your fair warning: if you are pregnant and are in the same vicinity as me, i will touch you.

anyhow, i'm so excited to see shanny be a momma and for me to be aunt jo to norah girl! i'm gonna smooch her little face off.

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  1. (ahem) Ever hear of givin photo cred?


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