Tuesday, May 28, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 17.

18 weeks pregnant!

please ignore my pajama pants. i wore a dress to church and then all my laundry was dirty when it was time to take this picture. just keeping it real. ha. 

symptoms: feeling really good. big ole pregnancy boobs. did you wanna know that? don't look at them next time you see me. i'll know what you're up to. unless you're bryant, and then look away babe. also, i think my body is just generally expanding because WEDGIES. do wedgies qualify as a symptom?? and i don't care how big the unders are, they aren't doing their job.

sleeping: alright.

cravings/eating: just the same overarching cravings. gummy worms, breakfast food, tacos/mexican. i'm hungry.

weight gain: i forgot to pay attention at the doctor friday. but i think around 10 lbs. and the belly definitely popped this week. it's on out there!

gender: BOY!!! the ultrasound tech said, "ok, that's right between the legs." and i said, "that's a boy!" our little grant wilson. i am so excited to know this information. also, we have like three things to buy and move isaac henry into a big bed so grant can have the crib and ta-da! we're ready for him to be here! isn't that awesome!? bring on the boys!

movement: lots and lots of movement this week! i'm feeling more definite moves. and thursday night i felt a huge jolt on the right side of my stomach. it really kinda scared me! i jumped and lifted up my shirt. and bryant was like, "what?! did i elbow you?!" and i was like, "no, but that was crazy." and sure enough, that's where grant's feet were the next day during the ultrasound, so he musta just rared back and let me have it.

other stuff: heartbeat was in the 150s and everything looked perfect on the ultrasound! except he was lazy. but who could blame him? i kinda want a nap too.

i just can't quit grinning. isn't gender week the most exciting?! it's all down hill from here!

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