Tuesday, May 21, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 16.

whoo! 17 weeks pregnant!


symptoms: feeling pretty good. i'm fairly tired. having some headaches. and some general crampy-ness.

sleeping: not so good. but all is well, i'll sleep when i'm dead.

cravings/eating: tacos sound good, always. we're kinda in a dessert overload over here, so my want for sweets is going down. which is a good thing. also, the last two times i've tried to eat salad, it did not bode well with me. it made me gag a little. so i'm taking a salad break.

weight gain: probably the same. i'm not weighing religiously because i don't wanna worry about my weight unless it becomes an issue. and i don't feel like the belly has grown much lately either.

gender: we find out this week! be on the look out for a gender reveal!

movement: some flutters here and there, but nothing super consistent yet.

other stuff: really starting to think about nursery plans/big boy room plans. the ball is really gonna start rolling this week after the ultrasound. and that's soooo exciting! i'm also thinking about labor and delivery some. i had a great experience with IH, but looking back, i feel like i was a little uneducated. i was just excited and i'd prepared/researched some but there were just things i overlooked because i had never been there before and i had no idea. so i'm just thinking of questions and such. maybe some things that i'd like to be different this time. it's not that i want to go against the flow, i just wanna know what all the flow entails before i go with it, ya know?

let's talk at the end of the week about what kinda baby this little squirt is!!

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