Monday, May 6, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 14.

i'm 15 weeks pregnant folks!


symptoms: i'm feeling really good. there's a few little aches and cramps and what-not that i'm sure wouldn't be going on if i wasn't with child. but nothing to complain about.
weight gain: i still think it's around 5 lbs. which i feel really good about considering my belly falsely exhibits a weight gain of much more than 5 lbs.

sleeping: good. crazy crazy dreams. waking up to pee. you know, the norm.

cravings/eating: breakfast-y foods sound really good. starch. sour gummy worms. strawberry short cake.

gender: 3 more weeks 'til we find out! whoo hoo!

movement: i haven't really felt anything going on this week. which makes me think i was imagining the flutters before. i know it won't be long. that babe is growing- they're like 4 inches long now!

other stuff: isaac henry's pregnancy was super uneventful. easy breezy. and i was under the impression that it couldn't be more uneventful. but i think i was wrong. or maybe i don't have time to sit around and analyze my body this time. don't get me wrong, it's not that i don't appreciate and love uneventful! i just feel so normal. it's still so cool to me that half the time i don't even feel like i'm pregnant or that anything is happening at all, but God is creating a little person INSIDE my belly just as i do everyday life. so so cool.

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