Tuesday, May 14, 2013

may = december.

i overheard someone say that at church the other day and i was like, "yes! that's it! may is like december." soooo busy.

i kinda feel like i'm drowning and i'm never gonna get caught up and there's something on my calendar always.

so, let's talk about some random things.


these jars: have you seen them? i got mine at lowe's for $9. i couldn't not, ya know? they aren't spot on like the vintage blue, but they're close. and they're blue jars. yep, i needed them.

greek yogurt: i don't like it. i tried it. and i really wanted to like it. i feel like it's a really cool thing right now and uncle joey is on the commercial, so i really wanted to like it. but i don't. and i even tried two brands. it's just grainy or something. and there's so much yogurt. i love yogurt as much as the next person, but eating that much yogurt in one sitting makes me gag.

hair cut: if you read my pregnancy update yesterday, you saw my new haircut. it's short. can you believe i hadn't had it cut in a year?! not even trimmed. it was looking kinda unhealthy. imagine that. so i got it cut last week. and i like it because it takes a whole 30 seconds to blow dry.

losing stuff: don't you hate it?! it makes me feel like a loser. we signed up for sam's club a while back because there was this special where you get all these vouchers for free food and a $20 gift card. so you basically got your money back for the membership. well, i'm pretty sure i threw the food vouchers away. so our deal wasn't that great after all. i'm pretty sure that's what sam's was counting on when they had this special running, that people would be dumb like me and lose their coups. it just ticks me off. at myself. which is the worst.

yard sale: we had our yard sale this last weekend and we didn't really have that much stuff. because we had a yard sale last year. the fact that we didn't have much stuff to put in the yard sale is good news because it means we've accumulated less junk, or at least we like the junk we have accumulated. we still managed to make $95. it always surprises me what people will buy.

lists: i make lists. lots of lists. and i had a little list running of the things i wanted to talk about on this blog. the first thing just said "I don't like Greek yogurt." bryant saw it and was really confused. he asked me why i wrote it down, was it because i needed to remind myself NOT to buy it? i'm cracking up thinking about that conversation. he's a funny guy. i like him.

peace and blessings. peace and blessings. 


  1. i'm so with you on the greek yogurt thing. i just can't do it!

    p.s. your hair looks sooooooooo cute! i also go forever between hair cuts but you've got me thinking real hard about chopping all this off!

  2. I am constantly trying to talk myself into liking just regular yogurt...I just can't get passed it..its too tangy or something.. the only kind I can stand is fro yo lol


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