Friday, May 31, 2013


here's a peak at our everyday as of late.

eating free birthday subs. this is seriously my favorite free birthday deal. so delicious.

visiting baby ella. let's just be honest, it was love at first sight. this is wedding slideshow material right here..


tuesday isaac was a chicken. thursday isaac was a fish. i'm pretty sure he'll be jumping off the high dive by the end of summer. important to note, we don't have a high dive.

going on hot dates..

the show was awesome!! i mean, there are giraffes that are people. do you understand how amazing that is?! so much fun. also, i fell walking up the stairs during intermission and showed my butt. literally. so that was good. nothing like a little embarrassment to cap off the night.

shoveling ice while we wait for daddy to get home. and y'all.. the hat.

and then all of a sudden, i have a teenager..

and he has a popsicle.

don't be alarmed. i realize he's a baby and not really a teenager. but he just looks like a KID. his birthday isn't until october but i think he just looks TWO. he's growing up. and being stinking handsome. and eating popsicles, apparently.

i got some bird netting for my strawberries. so i finally got a little harvest. pesky pesks! don't mess with me! i'll show you!

isaac henry proceeded to scarf down at least half the bowl.

happy friday y'all. hope your weekend is fun fun fun!


  1. oh my word, he is precious! shoveling ice - that's a great idea. love him with the popsicle! gah! and those strawberries. visiting from life rearranged. xoxo

  2. your little guy looks so adorable! and i really love the idea of shoveling ice! i might have to try that with my son

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  3. isaac henry really does look like a little boy in these pictures! and a very handsome one at that!


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