Friday, May 17, 2013


get yo' instagram on.

i dropped isaac off at nanny and papa's so i could go get my hairs cut the other day.

papa played the piano with isaac. it was the sweetest thing ever. and i might have cried a little.


plus isaac thought it was awesome! he just held down his few keys while daddy tore it up and then he looked over at me and momma like he's never been prouder.

also noteworthy, we bought a third vehicle.


for 5 whole dollars. our boy is pretty obsessed with it. yard sales forever!

i didn't get to see my momma on mother's day, but i had a great day with bryant and isaac henry.

hey look! it's baby lindsey jo. on a horse.


when it comes to mommas, i've got one of the good ones.

and i like to think that isaac does too.


being his momma is my greatest joy. and i can't wait til i'm holding both my munchkins next year!

it's been a hot one this week! so we got out the pool.

isaac is in hog heaven. i'm telling you, this kid is a guppy.


isn't running through a water hose just the epitome of summer time?!


he'll seriously run around the yard CRACKING UP for 30 minutes. so. much. fun.

so many fun things are happening this weekend. my birthday party [i'm gonna party like it's my birthday]. baby showers. church pic-a-nic. and a baby being BORN. i can't wait to tell you all about it.

i hope your weekend is just as fun!!

life rearranged

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