Friday, May 3, 2013


i can't believe it's friday. that week went by fast. as always.

i love this boy. he cracks me up all the live long day.


and i love these friends. they're good ones.


we had isaac's 18 month check up, where i had to tell the doctor about how isaac still wasn't talking much. and then he said two new words the next day.


and he's said new words pretty much every day since. PTL.

these are the doughnuts that cured my mood swing last weekend..


cute boy alert!!


my dad's birthday was this week, so isaac had to wear his "i love my papa" shirt in celebration. he does in fact love his papa, so it works out perfectly.


i helped a friend set up for her yard sale last night and did a little shopping for myself. i got this cute bench that isaac henry LOVES.


and a few more treasures.. i mean, real treasures!


that mirror! old freezer baskets. a cute vintage barn lunch box! and a cool potato chips tin. if i told you how much i paid for all of that, you'd think i was a robber. i seriously woke up this morning still excited about it. it's kinda sad.

busy weekend ahead, if the rain stays away. have a good one y'all!

life rearranged

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  1. I'm so jealous. I never find awesome things like that at yard sales!!


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