Monday, May 20, 2013

ella reese!

i know what you're thinking. it's monday. where is lindsey jo's ever so exciting pregnancy update?! well, folks, it's gonna have to wait, because A BABY WAS BORN.

i've talked about kayla and trey before and how much i love them. and blah blah blah. well, now i love them even more. because they welcomed their little nugget into the world yesterday! and if you think you love a family, just wait until there's a babe involved. my heart is exploding.

meet ella reese..

5 lbs. 15 oz. of pure sugar.

i mean, look at how cute..


shut. up. am i right?! what an adorable family!

look at her holding on to her daddy's finger! so sweet. trey kept saying, "she's got some muscle!"


oh goodness.


and here's the best part.. i got to see her be born! i am not even kidding, birth is the coolest thing in the whole world. it's just sooo cool. and it's even cooler when you aren't the one doing the work and you just get to watch and say "push! push! she's almost here!" i mean, one minute there's no baby to be seen and then BAM! there she is! all pink and squalling!


and here's the embarrassing part.. i almost passed out. to my defense, i am with child and i hadn't eaten much. but i think my blood sugar went down and my excitement went up all at once. and i had to sit before i was laying out on the floor in all the baby juice. i can't believe it. i am soooo not that person. but sure enough, the nurse had to bring me a wet rag. good grief. don't worry, i made it through.

i'd still watch a birth every day. queasiness and all! i'd highly recommending forcing one of your friends to let you watch their labor and delivery. i might sell tickets to mine. all proceeds go to baby's college fund. it's not gross! i promise! it's a miracle! and it's amazing!

kayla was a champ. she's a natural. i'm so proud of her.


and i'm so in love with ella girl. how could you not be?! whoo hoo for being aunt jo!!

kayla, thank you thank you thank you for letting me be a part of ella's birthday. it means the world to me! it really really does.

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  1. ahhh! this made me cry. she is such a doll. i'm in love already. i cannot wait to meet her.


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