Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a favorite things party.

my birthday is tomorrow. i hope you mailed me a card. cause now it's too late!

just kidding. but seriously.

i'm a big celebrator of birthdays. i just love a good excuse to eat good food and have fun! so a while back when bryant asked what i wanted for my birthday, i told him i wanted to have a party.

a favorite things party! i'm sure you've seen this idea floating around on the interwebs.

so, i invited some of my favorite people over. ya know, to keep with the theme.

and i put up a bunch of decorations..


aka, taped up a fabric bunting and wrote on the chalkboard.

made a few desserts..


strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. and this cheesecake.

stop. hear me say this. it's of the utmost importance. if you need a cheesecake, for whatever reason, let this be it. so. good.

moving on. the only other cutesy thing i did was put name tags on some simple gift bags so people could lug all their goodies home.


and that's it! easy peasy!

everyone showed up with 4 of their favorite $5 thing. and we all drew names and exchanged.


it was seriously like christmas! i may have to make this an annual thing, because it was just so fun!

a few things:

1. i didn't take any pictures of my guests. because i'm a loser.
2. i ended up with a starbuck's gift card, a gourmet cupcake, a cute mug, and a sparkly lip gloss.
3. don't you dare think the party stopped after the exchange. we stayed up late and talked and ate our cakes and laughed. like any good get together.

i think everyone had a great time. i know i did! seriously, have this party. you won't be sorry.

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