Wednesday, April 10, 2013

this week.

this week is booked. we've got stuff going on every day. but i love it. and i don't even mind getting isaac henry out the door, because.. no jacket! no hat! it's warm!

we've been in and out all day the last few days, but it doesn't even phase me, because he's got on shorts and his chubby little legs are showing and all is well in the world.

also, it's a good thing it's warmed up because we've lost his one and only light weight jacket. how did that even happen?! how do you loose articles of clothing?! and we lost a sippy cup recently, too. i really have no idea how we lose stuff. it's mind boggling. and annoying.

so far this is what we've been doing..

monday we went to the zoo with my friend emmie and her kiddo roman. we go to church together and the boys are the same age. they have really different personalities and have never really been interested in each other. but they had a blast monday! they were interacting and laughing together. it was a lot of fun. isaac henry really loved it.



and he loved the goats!


i wish bryant could have been there, because he would have loved seeing isaac have so much fun. we're going to try to go back as a family soon. maybe this week! why not add to the already crazy schedule?!

then last night we went out with some friends to dinner. our worship leader has a new country music band, MamaDear. they played at puckett's downtown. and a few of us went. the food was awesome. i got chicken fried chicken. i've never met a chicken fried chicken i didn't like. and we even got dessert, apple cobbler. so good. and MamaDear was really great too!



it was a lot of fun. we don't do stuff like that very often. and i just love our friends. i went through a really lonely season after college. and God has blessed my socks off with these relationships. i'm thankful for them.

here in a little bit i'm heading to lunch with ole shanny-pants. but i might sneak out and soak up some sun before isaac henry wakes up and we have to leave. i hope your week is as fun as mine has been so far!  

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