Monday, April 29, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 13.

alrighty folks. we're definitely in the the second trimester now, no matter where you stand on the 12 or 14 week debate.


symptoms: acne. really, that's been going on since the beginning of time, i just keep forgetting to mention it. i'm having a ton of breakouts on my back and such. and tis disgusting. feeling good, physically. but y'all. i had my first mood swing. i'm pretty sure bryant was terrified. i seriously had no control over my emotions. i was cracking up and sobbing. and i really hated it. and you aren't even going to believe what it was over.. doughnuts. i know. so pathetic. i remember the conversation going something like this:

lindsey jo: sobbing. laughing hysterically. sobbing.
bryant: "what's wrong? what do you need?"
lindsey jo: sobbing. "doooouggghhhnuttts!!!" sobbing.
bryant: "ok. let's go get some."
lindsey jo: "but we don't have any!!!!" sobbing.

it was a really hard time in my life. and it lasted for like 45 minutes. out. of. control. 

weight gain: we went to the doctor friday and he said i'd only gained 3 lbs. so i guess my previous report of a 5 lb. gainage was wrong-o. 

sleeping: good.

cravings/eating: still junk. and still hungry, all the time! but i think i need to rein it in a little bit. i've been giving in far too much. and i'm quite surprised that the 3 lb. gain isn't more like 30. so, i might need to skip the dessert this week. or for the next 26 weeks..

gender: oh y'all. too many people are saying girl. and have you heard of the placenta theory? i think it's fairly new, but the statistical accuracy is outta this world! and according to that theory, this babe is a girl. soooo, i don't know. i don't wanna go back on my momma gut, but it's not looking promising. we go on may 24 to find out for sure!

movement: i'm pretty sure i'm feeling some flutters, but nothing too definite yet.

other stuff: everything was awesome at the doctor. we heard the heartbeat, which is my fave. and it was in the 160s, running from 160-166. i'm starting to think of decorating a nursery, and a big boy room. exciting!

and here's isaac henry's belly shot from this week..


looking good IH! nice and plump!


  1. BAHAHAHA... Isaac Henry!!! :) LOVE IT!

    I know it's a girl and I'm gonna win my HUGE box of candy from EM! :)

    And... you'll win your $50 in 5 years... no doubt!

  2. oh oh oh! i want to hear more about this nursery/big boy room planning. do you think you'll move IH out of the crib before the little one arrives?


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