Monday, April 22, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 12.

y'all! the kid's the size of a shrimp. isn't that the cutest and most delicious thing you've ever heard?! a shrimp! and there are fingerprints on their teeny tiny little fingers!!! sooo cool.

this picture was taken late last night after a little cookout with our youth, so feel free to excuse me looking like a hot mess.


symptoms: truly truly i say unto you, i feel really great. i sometimes have to remind myself there's a babe in there.

sleeping: good. i could use a little more sleep than i'm getting, but it's good. i took a little nap yesterday. and today. both were glorious.

cravings/eating: i mostly just want junk. i pretty much want sour gummy worms at every moment of the day. cinnamon toast crunch. ice cream. potato chips. just craving a really well rounded, healthy diet. ha!

maternity clothes: yes. it's come to that.

gender: i still really think boy. only a few other people have said boy, most people are saying girl. i'm hoping that we get to make the appointment this week to find out.

other stuff: i'd just like to take a moment to address the number of people that are concerned with my belly and me "showing" at thirteen weeks. i am seeing a medical professional on a regular basis. i have had TWO ultrasounds. there is ONE baby in there. unless i've gotten pregnant since the last time i got pregnant. is that even possible? i don't think so. i know exactly when my last period was and once again, the baby has been sighted with the help of technology and while due dates are all relative, i am 13 weeks pregnant. no more, no less. i can guarantee i'm not the first person in the history of the world to get a belly quicker the second time around. and comments like, "no on has a belly at 13 weeks! it's impossible that you're only thirteen weeks!" only make you look silly, because obviously it is possible and here's my 13 week belly to prove it! so, there's that.

pretty much that's it, just over here gestating away. i feel a lot calmer and honestly a little more boring with this babe. it's probably because i'm such a well seasoned mother now. hardy har har.


  1. Umm....yeah. I was TOTALLY, completely showing with Jack at 13 weeks....and before. The belly just "remembers" the second time around, and those muscles just pop right out. My mom seriously knew I was pregnant the second time around before I told her, because she could tell...I couldn't hide the belly!

  2. People are dumb. Everyone knows you show quicker the second time! Even I had a little bump at 12 weeks, though. The muscles do stretch out more quickly after your first. I can't believe people are so forward!

  3. You're getting me excited about getting a belly in just a few weeks..if its not there im gonna be disappointed Lol!! I think this is how pregnancy should be! Lol what's cool about waiting till halfway thru the thing to start poking out?! Lol

  4. I can't believe people are making comments like that!!! That is like the rudest thing I've ever heard. My goodness!


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