Monday, April 15, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: week 11.

12 weeks pregnant. you know what that means?! SECOND TRIMESTER. or at least it's second trimester in my opinion. books say all different things. so just call me dr. lindsey jo.


weight gain: 5 lbs. or so.

symptoms: i've felt really good this week. a little wooziness here and there. but nothing too crazy. also, BABY BUMP. y'all. i was this size at like 20 weeks with IH. abnormally large child strikes again. 

sleeping: starting to wake up to pee. that's always fun.

cravings/eating: hardees. mcdonalds. fast food for the win! one of the times i got woozy this week was when i was trimming some raw chicken. i just couldn't do it.

maternity clothes: i've given in this week. it's warmed up and i need to be in shorts. and regular shorts are not flattering in the least bit. it cuts my belly in half and instead of looking kinda pregnant i just look like a fatso. plus it makes my stomach hang out of the bottom of regular shirts if i don't wear maternity pants. and nobody wants to see that.

gender: i feel like we're going to know so soon! i know it's like 6-8 weeks away, but that feels close to me. i'm excited.

other stuff: i know that it's way too early for this. and science is never wrong (ha!) but i SWEAR i felt this kid move. 2 days ago. i know gas bubbles, and i know baby movements. and this felt just like a baby. i mean, just like it. so all that to say, i may be losing my mind. also, the kid is the size of a lemon. isn't that sweet?? i think i like this gestating thing.

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  1. I'm only five weeks and I've been up all night peeing already!! And look at that bump!!! Ca-razay!!


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