Thursday, April 25, 2013

let's chat.


you know what i should be doing right now? pretty much a million other things besides eating second breakfast and blogging. like reading my chapter for book study tonight. or unloading the dishwasher. or anything remotely productive. alas, here we are. so let's talk.

isaac henry is being a grumpy bear this morning so he is taking a momma-inforced early nap at the moment. we've gotten into this great routine of playing outside from 9-10 everyday. but it rained yesterday. so we aren't playing today because it's still wet. and boyfriend just doesn't get it. so he's being grumpy. or it could be that he woke up early this morning. no bueno.

i'm really close to making our grocery budget this month. i always go over. but this month i think we're going to make it. until i realized that may 1 isn't tuesday. it's wednesday. and i'm just not sure i can stretch to wednesday.

i really wanna work outside this weekend. get the front flower bed pretty and the garden planted. i don't know how bryant feels about this. i haven't told him yet. but he'll know, because he reads my blog at work. hi honey!

i also wanna go to some yard sales. are there enough hours in the day??

speaking of yard sales, our community yard sale is in a few weeks. i gotta get some stuff cleaned out. gotta make space for the bambino.

the other day bryant brought home some mason jars from work that they were just gonna throw away. he was all, "i wasn't sure if you would want more jars. but i brought them anyway." i'm pretty sure i can never have too many jars. we want more we want more like you really like it you want more. what's the one thing you will always take more of? besides doughnuts. everybody can't say doughnuts. mine is definitely jars. and sugars.

s f hjkjbrewftygnmvhjy5e44. oh look who just joined us. i'll give you a hint. that aforementioned nap didn't pan out.

my birthday is in may. mark your calendar. everybody is asking what i want. and there's a million things i want, but when people ask, i just can't answer. i know i'm not the only one. what's up with that? maybe i'll make a little wish list.

i need to pull the pictures off my phone because i'm out of space. that's always scary.

ok, i think i've rambled on enough. yep, i think so. 

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