Thursday, April 18, 2013

isaac henry at 18 months.


that's a little sneak peak from the family pictures we had made last week. mostly isaac henry was stubborn, but she managed to get some good shots. and that one is so sweet.

last night, isaac got a mystery fever and we were up all night. we've been cuddling and watching pbs this morning. and since he's finally laying down in his crib, i thought i'd jot down a little bit about him at 18 months.
  • he's still not talking a ton. but he can communicate, some. his words include momma, dada, papa, george, syrup, fish, vroom vroom (for car/truck/tractor), shoes. i think that's it. he does animal sounds for cow, horse, elephant, bird, duck, chicken, bear, frog, dog, monkey. he "sings" a lot and mimics funny sounds we make. we think he's trying to say his name. when we ask "where's isaac?" he'll point to himself and make some noise that sounds remotely isaac-ish. last week he did the signs for "i love you" to me without being prompted and i about died. lots of pointing. he gets really frustrated when he can't explain what he wants. which leads to..
  • tantrums. this is just a hard age. he knows so much, but his communication isn't there yet. and it's frustrating for him. he also doesn't like coming inside after playing outside. and honestly, i'm not really sure about his discipline situation yet. we're trying, but we've never done this before. he's our test kid. sorry bud.
  • we started this week taking away his paci. he only takes it to sleep, and so far it's been mixed on how he's dealt. there's been a few times when he went right to sleep without it. and then there's been a few times where he all-out bawled for an hour. i can't justify that, so i just give him the paci. we're working on it. 
  • favorite foods: pancakes and syrup, ketchup (is that a food?), chicken nuggets, hot dogs, cheese, grapes, cookies, yogurt. 
  • favorite toys: CARS, by far. he's pretty much obsessed with cars, trucks, and tractors. sometimes he'll play with duplo blocks but he pretty much plays cars all the live long day. 
  • pooping in the potty is at an all time low. must have been a phase. i figured. 
  • loves curious george and thomas the train. 
  • climbing, running, pretty much being a big kid.
  • loves to dance and listen to music. doesn't love to read or look at books. loves to be chased around and tickled. doesn't love sitting still for more than 12 seconds. loves playing outside, yelling "hi!" to our neighbors, and watching for daddy's truck in the afternoon. doesn't love (actually i think hates is the proper word) having his teeth brushed.
he's just a great kid. funny, energetic, outgoing. everybody he meets loves him. and handsome. y'all, he's a heartbreaker. i just love him so. my life would be so much more boring without this kid. and even on the hard days, he's just so stinking sweet. i wanna eat him up.

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