Sunday, April 14, 2013


i've been meaning to get back in the habit of instafriday posts. i love them. but this friday got away from me cause we went to the zoo. and then saturday we had family pictures and other stuff. so insta-sunday it is!

isaac henry is in that fun tantrum age. and he loves to be outside.


so it's his absolute favorite when i make him come in.. after 2 hours. oh, the drama!

bryant got to meet sara evens the other day. and he asked her if "she wanted to look mean" in the picture.


only my husband. he's so funny. i'm pretty impressed that she played along.

little boys in shorts.


i die. so stinking cute.

we have this really great greenway beside our house. we will be utilizing this on these pretty days. gotta keep this bod in proper labor and delivery shape!


plus, look at those boys.

the other day when we went to the zoo with emmie and roman, isaac and roman held hands on the way home. is that not the most precious thing you've ever heard in your life?!


adorable! and it was completely unprompted.

isn't my baby looking more like a big kid every day??


trying on some accessories..


thursday bryant texted and said that he was having a rough day. i'm on it! chocolate chip cookies to the rescue!


also worth mentioning is the 30 minute long break down that isaac henry had after i denied him a second cookie. he's passionate about his cookies.

and no, i didn't give in. it was hard. but i forgive him because thursday was the same day that he "signed" i love you to me without being prompted. i wanna talk more about how cool and big he is in another blog post. maybe this week?

saturday we went and found bryant's old matchbox cars. someone is in heaven!


and it's the cutest thing. he lines them up and rolls them around and says "vroom vroom." again with him being so cool.

ok, let's have a good week! go!

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