Friday, April 19, 2013


not a whole lot to share this week. quality over quantity, that's what i always say.

so isaac threw his paci in the toilet. which sparked the train to "let's get rid of paci." it's been interesting, i will say that much. 


i washed the couch this week. it was in dire need. isaac had a blast with the cushions.


apparently washing the couch is fun for everyone. until momma busts a zipper on the slipcover. and finds out that the special warranty they bought doesn't cover zippers. i was just sick over it. luckily, our limited warranty is going to fix it. supposedly. but it still just makes me sick.

isaac got a mystery fever wednesday night late. and we had a pretty rough day yesterday.


if you know my kid, you know he doesn't sit in laps. much less, fall asleep in laps. so it was obvious he was feeling puny. the happy ending is that he's feeling better today, hallelujah!


my besties are coming in for the weekend! i'm so pumped. i'm cleaning bathrooms and making salsa and trying to control myself. they make my heart full.

i hope y'all's weekends rock your socks off. happy friday friends!

life rearranged

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