Monday, March 11, 2013

the playroom.

our bonus room is tee-tiny. and it has morphed many times over the last 2.5 years. right now it's IH's playroom. and he loves it up there. it gives him another place to play and breaks up the scenery on days when we can't venture outside. i'm still trying to figure out which toys should go upstairs and which should go downstairs. i'm kinda hoping it figures itself out.

i didn't make a ton of changes in there. just rearranged and made a different curtain.

covered some pillows and bought a little toy storage..


i eventually wanna put something on that wall, like letters that spell PLAY or something. but i'm being too cheap right now. also, we aren't painting. i might dust the cobwebs out of the corners one day.. but don't get your hopes up.

originally i wanted to slipcover the orange couch with a more neutral color. but again with the cheapness.

remember that old school map i got? well, we finally figured out how to hang it..


it was still attached to the big metal roll-y thing, along with a map of the US and a map of alaska, so it was super heavy. one day i may be interested in hanging the US map too, so we detached the world map and taped it around a dowel rod and hung the dowel rod on 2 coat hooks. it's perfect. and seriously less than 5 lbs.

that little polka dot square on the left is a clock made by anna to help bring her boys home. it's more red than the picture allows. very cheery. have you bought your clock yet?!

also, i'd like to sell that tan couch, because i think the floor space would be more valuable in a play room than the seating would. so i put it on craigslist. and this girl keeps texting me saying she wants it and she's a nurse, so i can trust her. and i'm all, "girl, i don't care who you work for, just buy the couch." she's supposedly coming to get it in april? whatever. i'm over it. if it's still here in april, it's still here, ya know? also, she was really concerned about how many couches i have. who cares? i'd have one less if you'd come on and get this one. goodness. craigslist, you make me laugh. 

and that folks, is a wrap.


  1. 1. i have never of "tee-tiny", teeny-tiny yes. but tee-tiny. are you making up words again?
    2. craiglist is hilarious and terrifying. why does she want to know about all your couches?! probably because she is gonna show up with an 18 wheeler one day and steal them all. and laugh all the way home. but she's a nurse so surely she's of noble birth and wouldn't do such a thing.
    3. it's a good thing you blogged today because i was about to sass ya.

  2. I wanna come play in that cute play room! It looks awesome! And all your handmade touches are precious -Shan

  3. is that my yellow polka dot pillow on your couch?


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