Monday, March 25, 2013

pregnancy 2.0: weeks 7&8.

these weeks always confuse me. because the chalkboard says one thing and then we're looking back on the week before. so anyway, it's confusing. try to keep up. i'll do them weekly from here on out, but today we're bulking it up. i turn over on sunday, so i'm thinking i'll just post on monday.

i know y'all have missed seeing weekly pictures of me. these last two years must have been hard on you. this time we're going with a white tshirt and a chalkboard. i hear it's all the rage.


9 weeks pregnant.

survey style, ladies.

weight gain: i seriously don't know. maybe none, yet. my goal is to not gain 50 lbs. like i did with isaac henry. that would be beneficial to us all. except for my uterus knows exactly where things are heading so it's just popping on out there. in that nine weeks picture i'm wearing maternity pants (because all my other jeans were dirty) and they kinda smooth things out and make me look more pregnant-ish instead of lumpy, which is how i look in my regular pants. #lumpy4life

symptoms: tired. hungry. and a constant feeling of what i like to refer to as, weird. i'm finding it a little more challenging this time because last time i could lay on the couch all day if i was feeling weird. i can't really do that now. it's like i have a little human to care for or something. but seriously, i'm feeling good.

stretch marks: i just put this here as a joke. i've got plenty to choose from in the stretch mark department.

sleeping: sleeping well. just having weird and vivid dreams.

cravings/eating: bbq chips. or just food in general. i'm pretty much constantly snacking, which i'm sure will help with the whole "don't gain 50 lbs." thing. but it's either snack or feel like you're gonna throw up. so i will snack. no food aversions.

maternity clothes: nope. but like i said, with this seasoned uterus, it might not be long.

gender: obvs. we don't know, but i really think it's a boy. bryant votes girl. we shall see who is correct. coughmecough. 

other stuff: i feel like this is gonna go by quick. which i like and i dislike. i like it because there'll be another babe. i dislike it because when there is another babe, that means IH will be TWO. that' booohoooohoooo. hold me. i really am happy though.


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