Thursday, March 28, 2013

kayla's baby shower.

the other event i had saturday was kayla's baby shower. she's having precious baby ella reese at the end of may. or on my birthday, whatev. and i couldn't be more excited for her.

i just love the relationship that i have with kay. she's just special to me, and i think it really shows how cool God is. how He brings people into our lives in ways that we'd never expect. and pretty much i'm just ready for ella to get here so i can kiss her face off and be her aunt jo.


i made ella a little quilt.


and some monthly onesies, which i'm pretty much in love with and everybody should do it! because it's so cool to look at pictures of your babe in a white onesie every month. i used these iron ons, and they were perfect!

i also made her a cute little appliqued shirt for next year, and put it with a coordinating tutu and leggings. even though she has way too many clothes already, i couldn't help it. girl clothes slay me.

i mean seriously. look at this bathing suit..


shut. up.

kayla's gonna be such a good momma. i'm thrilled that i get to be part of this kid's life. 


whoo babies!

1 comment:

  1. you made that quilt?!?! girl, you are awesome.

    i'm pretty sure you would laugh if you looked closely at the one i made for Claire.

    seriously, that is the cutest color scheme. all my faves!


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