Tuesday, March 5, 2013

isaac henry at 16 months-ish.




just a few things that i want to remember about isaac henry at this age:
  • he still doesn't talk much. he says momma, dada, papa, ish (for goldfish), orge (for george), baby (sometimes). waves bye. and that's about it. 
  • he knows almost all of his body parts.
  • still growls/grunts for a cow noise, but has dropped it for other animals. flaps his wings and clicks his tongue for chickens and ducks. he also knows that "chicken" means alive chickens and the meat chicken, which i think is kinda cool.  he puts his hands up like claws for a bear and bryant's working with him on horse, so he'll do it sometimes.
  • has 10 teeth and we're waiting on those mean bottom molars to make their appearance any day. weighs around 26 lbs. wearing 18 mo. stuff and quickly moving into 2T, what?!
  • pumps his fist when things go his way, which is super cute.
  • when you tell him to jump, he tries. he doesn't leave the ground, but it's so sweet.
  • when you ask him where something is, he puts his hands up like, "i don't know?"
  • has completely transitioned to one nap a day. on the rare day when he's super sleepy he may take a short morning nap.
  • loves curious george, playing outside, eating/begging for food on other peoples' plates, stickers. 
  • favorite foods: goldfish (he also loves crunching them into the carpet..), froot loops, pancakes, any kind of fruit, yogurt, cheese. 
  • he's becoming a good helper. he helps me put clothes in the dryer, throw things away, pick up toys/dirty clothes, and has recently started helping unload the dishwasher. 
  • was 100% pooping in the toilet by his own will, but is now doing about 50/50 toilet/diaper. we're not pushing anything (he's still way little and diapers aren't costing us anything), but we aren't discouraging him either. 
  • tantrums. disobedience. dangerous antics. yep. 
  • his hair is really starting to come in. it's thickening up and he has the cutest curl in the back that i'm never going to cut off! never ever! 
  • gives the best big open mouth sugars there ever were. and has started giving sugars with a pucker sometimes. it melts me.
i'm sure there are a million other super cute things that are slipping my mind. don't you hate that? that there is no way to remember all the precious little things that your babe does. i just want to bottle up every little thing and keep it forever. my baby is becoming a big boy kid. and he just won't stop. little stinker.


  1. "Disobedience" cracked me up!! Lol can't believe he's potty training already!! Smart boy!!

  2. Wait! How are you potty training him already?! I want to hear more about this!

  3. I love the jumping but not leaving the ground phase! It is so darn cute I can barely stand it!


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