Wednesday, March 27, 2013

an easter egg hunt.

saturday we took isaac henry to an easter egg hunt at bryant's work. there were so many kids, so we were having to control isaac and he didn't like that because he wanted down to run. but we just couldn't let him because he thinks he's a big kid but real big kids show no mercy. they just run him right over! and it made him a little grumpers.

he didn't respond well to the bunny. i mean, he didn't respond awfully. but he didn't love it.


he was in the age category of 0-3. they took forever to say the rules of the hunt. bryant was seriously wrestling IH. 0-3 year olds don't listen to rules! get on with the show, people.


like i said, it was pretty chaotic. isaac henry's plan of attack was to find a pile of eggs, sit down in the middle of them and collect them.


he really liked putting them in his bucket, but since he was such a grandpa about it, there weren't any left by the time he was done with his initial pile.

he got a whole 12. because he likes to be realistic..


and he really loved opening the eggs. i think we'll just give him some empty ones sunday. he'll go nuts over it, i'm sure.


it was crazy. we needed a nap once it was over. but hallelujah, we can check it off the list and stay in the running for parents of the year..


  1. Ha! I think Claire will be getting empty eggs too. I bought some mini marshmallows to put in them at the store the other day, and let her have some with her lunch. But she wouldn't even touch them?! It was weird. She certainly didn't get that from me!

  2. this entire post made me laugh out loud. i'm glad hank is starting life as an old person. its the way to go. really.

  3. Lovin' his Chucks! Been meaning to comment 'bout that.
    Also - you're right about mass chaos at that hunt. Been there done that, with my nephew. Whew wee! It's cray cray crazy!
    And Easter bunnies are kinda scary for the record.


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