Thursday, February 28, 2013


evidently my blogging style these days is one week on, two weeks off. it's a beautiful thing.

and then all of a sudden february is over.

so let's talk about what's been happening the last few days, shall we?? or at least the somewhat amusing stuff. because mostly we've been having ordinary days. laundry, going for walks when it's warm, loading the dishwasher, a little sewing.



sometimes when it's pretty and i'm itching to get out of the house, me and isaac henry go walk around goodwill. we found the smaller gumball machine for $3 the other day. what. a. steal.

and it finally inspired me to buy new gumballs. we are permanently borrowing the big gumball machine from my in-laws. and for the longest time it had OLD gumballs in it. i'm talking over 20 years old. so occasionally when people would be over here they'd ask if they could get a gumball or even worse, just go on and get one. and i'd have to yell and throw my body across the room to warn them that they did not want one of those gumballs. i've crushed a few children's' dreams. it's true.

but now, you can have a gumball.


also, the other day we were over at my parents and i said something or the other and used the word varely. and then it hit me, BAM! varely isn't a word. i have been saying it all of my life. i use it like you'd use the word barely, not in place of it, i also say barely. but most of the time i say varely.


i was using a FAKE WORD.

i'm sure i picked it up from someone when i was little or something, but seriously? i say it all the time! why did no one ever tell me that it isn't real?!

of course i googled it. and it was on urban dictionary.

Varely is a word used by people who use lazy speak and are too lazy to say barely.
Also, a lot of country people and hillbillies use this word to replace the word barely because they were never taught to speak properly. Once again, lazy speak.
oh, AWESOME. at least i'm not alone. i have company with HILLBILLIES.   
i'd ask you if you use any made up words, but it's not like you would know. because evidently people don't tell you these kind of things. 

now, this could quite possibly be the most all-over-the-place blog i've ever written, but my kitchen needs to be mopped. and i don't use the term need lightly. so i need to get on that before nap time is over. 
before you go, tell me, what's your stance on leggings as pants? i used to be anti-leggings as pants, but i may be moving over to the dark side. 
told you this blog was all over the place. 


  1. I'm right with you on the blogging-not-so-much thing. I got a text from my mom yesterday telling me it had been 21 days since I blogged and I needed to update - lol!

    1. It's hard! I feel like my life isn't exciting enough to blog about!

  2. Ha ha ha! I am always pronouncing thing wrong without anyone correcting me. Oh, the shame!

  3. Leggings are not pants. Repeat after me. Leggings. are. not. pants.... Lol!

    And I literally laughed out loud at your "varely" topic. I know lots of people who speak "hillbilly" and swear words they say are really words. It took me until my twenties to figure out that a "holler" was actually a "hollow" and "fixin to" is totally a regional thing. Oh well. Variety is the spice of life!

  4. My two cents on leggings as pants-only if your butt is covered with a long (not tight) shirt, like a tunic or something. Leggings with sweatshirts/short sweaters?? No way! Leggings are NOT pants.

    1. Yeah, I agree the butt needs to be covered, but I used to think it had to be a dress and I'm thinking it can work with the right shirt these days. Also I wear them with a tshirt around the house cause they're sooo comfy, but my butt can show here :)

  5. I agree with Brandy. As long as your booty is fully covered...not "varely" covered...leggings are acceptable as pants. -Shan

  6. I VARELY even noticed .... ok, bad joke. Terrible.

    Leggings are NOT pants. But yeah, I've seen chicks with em on and the right longer shirt that doesn't hug the cheeks - it was kinda cute. I'm still too chicken.

    Go for it LJo!


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