Monday, February 4, 2013

first snow.

it snowed. it melted in like 30 minutes or something super ridiculous. but we had to let isaac henry go outside and walk around in the dusting.

so we bundled him up and let him step outside and he got super excited and started to run and then he hit his head on the patio table which lead to him falling down and busting his nose on the concrete.


he cried for a minute and was good to go, but we were all like, "noooo!!! not our baaayyyybeeee! he's hurt!!! ahhhh! wahhhh!" and again, he was all, "dry it up mom. let's get out there." so out we went.

this was taken before the tragedy of 2013.. 


not only did our kid fall and bust it, we sent him out in the blizzard in his pajamas. we're new at this.

he liked the snow, i guess. i think he was just happy to be outside. this kid loves the outside. i think he'll be a wilderness man when he grows up.


can you even see the snow? i'm telling you, it really was there!


brace yourself.. the nose.


poor babe.

even though he doesn't even care. such a boy.



we were out there for 3 minutes tops. it was cold and i'm a wimp.

hot chocolates all around!


  1. He is seriously such a cutie! Looks like yall had fun :)

  2. He seriously reminds me of your dad in the scraped nose shot. The one by himself...
    Glad he's okay!


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