Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a little crafty craft.

our bedroom is always the last place to get any attention. it was in dyer need of some decor. and i was in need of some time creating.

at first i thought i'd paint a song lyric or something on a canvas, but i couldn't decide which one and i was driving myself crazy. then i remembered our vows!

we were children when we got married. and we wrote our own vows. it makes me smile to think about our wedding day. when we were so in love (we still are!) and were just babies and had no idea what marriage was going to be like and most people either thought we were crazy or pregnant. we were neither. ok, maybe a little crazy. but mostly, we just loved one another.

so the point is, i painted over some canvases i already had and started writing out my vows.

with sharpened chalk. did you know you can just sharpen it with a pencil sharpener?! it's brilliant, really.


the other day someone told me i was addicted to the chalkboard craze. my first response was defense, "i only have 2 chalkboards!.. or 3. ok, 4." but let's be honest, i'm addicted. for a reason! chalk is awesome! jump on the bandwagon people! it's stinking cute up here!

then i had bryant write his out. and i painted over the chalk with white craft paint.. that i already had.

and in reality, it would have been much easier and faster with a paint pen, but my goal was to not spend money. and i succeeded. but don't be like me, just buy a paint pen.

i love that it's in our handwriting.

cute, free, nostalgia-inducing art!

i'm gonna stick my wedding bouquet in that vase thing on the end of the dresser. that is after i talk my dear brybear into going and finding it in the attic. i'm pretty sure he vowed to do that kind of thing..

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  1. this is such a cute idea! i love sentimental art projects. especially when they're free.

    and i totally feel ya on the people thinking we're crazy/pregnant thing. it was not a popular decision! but i don't regret getting married young for one second. no way!


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