Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a few things.

3 blogs in a row?! this is insanity! here's what's going on with me..

1. i made this little embroidery a while back. it makes me feel like a nana.


2. so isaac henry is throwing up. or was throwing up. yesterday i had that moment when he had taken 2 naps that were over 2 hours each so i thought he was dead. all you moms think that when your kid sleeps too long, right? so i went in to check on him only to find him alive, sleeping in throw-up. it was everywhere. i'm in the camp of NEVER wake a sleeping baby so i had to figure out if i was gonna wake him or let him be.. in his puke. that's a sad place to be in.

i'll tell you right now, it takes a special love to have a human being puking in your hand and you encourage him to keep doing it.

poor poor babe. he's been puke-free since 5:45 last night, and i'm holding out hope that it was a 24 hour bug or something that isn't contagious and/or lengthy.

also it's times like these that i'm happy to have a white couch that can be washed instead of a brown [or any other color] couch that can't. boo ya! 

enough about that.

3. have y'all ever roasted chick peas? it seems to be really hip right now, and y'all know i'm hip, so i tried it. and i think i had built it up in my head to be really awesome. and they were just ok. maybe i didn't season them right or something.

4. bryant put a new faucet in the kitchen sink. he's handy.

5. i'm fixing to read this book..


i really wanna work on my hospitality/generosity. i already like hosting and cooking for people, but there's always room for improvement. 

i had big plans to be hospitable this week. but those plans have been changed thanks to mr. pukey pants. i even made gluten-free brownies for some gluten-free folks. and now i'm stuck with bean brownies. they're good, but i know they're weird so i'm having a hard time eating them. i'm sure i'll overcome it.

i mean, at the end of the day a brownie's a brownie.   


here's to being quarantined! if you need me, we'll be over here sippin' on the pedialyte.

1 comment:

  1. 1. i hope IH is feeling better today! i have to know, did you let him keep sleeping? i probably would have, guilty as charged.

    2. love your embroidery project! i might just have to copy that.

    3. and thanks for the book recommendation! we've realized traveling with little kids is not super fun, so i need to be an awesome hostess so family always want to come visit, right?


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