Wednesday, February 13, 2013

8 things.

  • you can get this free printable here. it makes me happy happy happy. you better believe i'm printing that bad boy off. 
  • we're brinner people. that's breakfast for dinner for all you non-brinner people. and while pancakes are yummy, i've taken to making breakfast casserole and then bryant eats the leftovers for breakfast every morning for a week. and it's like i'm being awesome and domestic and cooking him breakfast, but really i'm just trying to sleep for 5 more minutes before the rooster crows. and by rooster, i mean isaac henry. that's a good idea and you know it.
  • i like mcdonalds. i just do. even though their burgers are made from eyeballs or whatever. eyeballs are delicious. 
  • before i had isaac henry i was talking about this girl to one of my friends (because i'm a gross sinner) and was being really judgey. and i was all "she feeds her baby french fries!!! can you believe that?!?!" because apparently french fries are arsenic or something? and my friend was like, "yeah. nbd." i remembered this conversation as i shoveled french fries from said mcdonalds  into the back seat to IH. babes like the fries. and momma doesn't like when she remembers times when she was ugly.
  • i finally bought the fabric to finish a quilt that's been in purgatory fo-eva. i'm serious, it's been years people. i have got to stop letting projects sit like that.
  • i have a few cute plans for tomorrow. isaac henry has no idea what a valentine is, but i want to start making holidays fun now. i'll blog it if it actually happens.. and we're going on a date friday. finally. we haven't been out since hawaii. that's october. shame on us. 
  • in the craziness that is having a sick child, i forgot that i had put our beef for the month in the fridge instead of the freezer. it went bad. i tried to tell myself that it didn't go bad. but it was bad. i had to throw away 8 lbs. of ground beef. i wanted to cuss. and cry. i'm still a little mad about it. praise the lord that we have the means to buy more meat. 
  • i feel like there is more i could tell you, but i can't remember. so i'm off to roast some cauliflower and be healthy. just kidding, i ate a cinnamon roll for breakfast. happy wednesday folks. 

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