Thursday, January 3, 2013

it's winter.

after christmas is over, i'm ready for spring. i just don't like the cold.

winter is weird. christmas is over and all the decorations are down and it looks really empty. and i'm trying to organize and clean. lots of lists are being made.  lots. of. lists.

and what i'm trying to say is that i decorated the mantle. ha! so without further ado, my "it ain't spring and it ain't christmas" mantle..

i love my willow tree figurines, but i usually don't have anywhere to display them. there aren't a lot of ledges in this house. sometimes i'm jealous of people with old houses with built-ins (coughshannoncough) but then i remember that i don't like to dust.


and of course i had to keep my blue jars out. they're the love of my life. besides Jesus. and bryant. and isaac henry.


an old chippy window and a paper chain made out of old country songs. perfection.


pretty things make winter a little more bearable.

1 comment:

  1. one time i saw a perfect chippy window like that on the curb but was already running late to work at the time, so i thought i'd grab it later...

    i think you can tell where this story is going. it was gone! still kicking myself. what's being a few minutes late to work when there's a chippy window at stake?

    i love that you decorate your mantel for the different seasons! i need to get on that.


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