Sunday, December 30, 2012

let's talk about christmas.

whoo, y'all. we've been busy. i'm just gonna sit here and breath a minute.


Christmas was fun. my parents came over for lunch. i made way too much food. it was a low key day. i loved it. IH really got the hang of opening gifts by the end of it all. and our living room now looks like a tornado because i haven't had a chance to do the weeding out and organizing that is essential to us not becoming toy hoarders. it will happen. one day soon.





oh christmas cheer..


hahahahaha. he really did enjoy his day. promise.



he makes me laugh.



then i roped my parents into helping us take down our christmas decorations. bah humbug.

i was just feeling sooo cluttery. it had to go.

the day after christmas bryant's nano passed away. it was expected and we're so happy for her. she had alzheimer's for a while now. and she didn't remember us, but she knew Jesus until the very end and she was ready to go home. while it was bittersweet, we did get to see bryant's family which we hadn't planned on. all the cousins were in the same room, which probably won't happen again for a long long time, so that's neat. i didn't take a picture cause baby ivan was asleep and excuses excuses.  what it boils down to is that there is no picture and i'm kinda sad about it.

and then the day after that my emily and my anna came in!




they are good for me. everyone needs friends like them. the kind of friends that you're just comfortable with. the friends that'll do your dishes and give you massages and talk about Jesus with you and love your baby like he's theirs. they make my heart happy. our time together is never long enough. 

and then we had some other friends over.


lauren. kellianne. beth ann. me. emily. anna.


jared. bryant.

we played just dance.




and the game of things. and laughed and reminisced and ate lasagna. i love them.

we saw rachel and jon too. again with the no picture dumbness.

i'm sure i'm leaving stuff out, but it's all treasured up in my heart. all this sweet time with precious friends and family. we're spending more time this week. with more people. and y'all know, time is love.. according to my pal, josh turner. i'm real excited.

and i'm excited about 2013. oh, what will you bring 2013? i've got a good feeling about you. let's talk more about that later.

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